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Himawari has Kyuubi Chakra? Theory from Boruto: Two Blue Vortex – Chapter 8

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The chapter 8 of the Boruto: Two Blue Vortex manga series hinted that a residue of Kurama’s chakra might be within Uzumaki Himawari. This comes after Jura, one of the new villains introduced in the series, said to Hidari (a part of the Ten Tails that took Sasuke’s appearance) that he could sense Nine tails’ chakra within Himawari.

Now I’m not gonna spoil you guys, I suggest you go and read the chapter. Besides, this has not been confirmed yet, we’d likely know if this is true or Jura is probably confused. I’m only gonna talk about why this isn’t a surprise to me though.

I’ve always known that the marks on Naruto’s face cheeks are connected to Kurama (“Kurama” is the real name of the nine tails) and that’s likely because Uzumaki Kushina, Naruto’s mom, was pregnant with Naruto when she was still the nine tails jinchuriki.

So I think the connection between Naruto and Kurama goes beyond just chakra, they’re likely connected by blood as well, it sounds crazy but it’s just a theory.

Another reason to validate this theory is if we look at Ginkaku and Kinkaku (The Gold and Silver brothers) from the Hidden Clouds village. When Kurama attacked the Hidden Clouds, both brothers when facing-off with the beast, got devoured.

Both brothers spent two weeks in the belly of the beast and surprisingly they both survived. Apparently, they had been eating the “internals” of the nine tails, so when Kurama realized that the people he ate are not digesting but are instead feeding off of him, he threw them out.

When the brothers were spat out, they had acquired the chakra of the nine tails and they had marks similar to Naruto’s on their cheeks. Another reason why the marks are connected to Kurama is because anytime Naruto activates Kurama mode, the marks gets thicker.

So I’m confident that the marks on Naruto’s cheeks are not just to make Naruto’s character appear unique but are also because of a special connection with Kurama.

Now I know that Himawari has marks on her cheeks because she’s Naruto’s daughter, you know, a child is supposed to resemble his/her parents but I think it’s more than that.

Let’s not forget that Kushina was pregnant with Naruto while she was still the nine tails jinchuriki. In Naruto’s case, he got married to Hyuga Hinata and she had Boruto and Himawari for him while he’s still the nine tails jinchuriki.

I honestly don’t wanna dive deeper than this because it’s up to the writers to come up with more mind-blowing revelations, new details and facts but I hope you get my point.

Overall, I think it makes sense to conclude that the main reason why Boruto and Himawari might have remnants of Kurama’s chakra within them is because their father was the nine tails jinchuriki. I’d like to hear your thoughts…

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