Boruto anime not returning soon

Boruto Anime To Be Delayed Till 2028 – Rumors

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There are rumors about the Boruto anime not returning until 2028, I don’t know if this is official but if it turns out to be true, then I believe it’s gonna worth the wait.

The anime and manga series went on a hiatus towards the ending of March 2023 and fans were told that the manga and the part 2 of the anime which we projected to be the time skip would resume in October.

Obviously, the manga resumed, with each chapter released per month till date but the anime never resumed. There are no concrete reasons why the anime hasn’t resumed yet, but if I’m to guess, I’d say it’s mainly because of lack of resources.

Boruto episode 293 was the last episode from the studio before the hiatus. In the episode, we saw Boruto healed and revived by Momoshiki after voluntarily receiving a deadly pointblank attack from Kawaki and losing vital internals in the process, it’s not like the cunny Otsutsuki did it out of the goodness of his heart but because he doesn’t have a choice.

Momoshiki’s karma extraction process is still ongoing, so If Boruto dies, Momoshiki dies. So in order to prevent that, Momoshiki used the remaining percentage of the Karma, rewrite it and reconstruct the vital internals that Boruto lost, reviving him in the process.

This action of course, automatically quenched Momoshiki’s revival because the Karma extraction process was never completed. The Karma is basically Otsutsuki DNA, so if the extraction had completed, Momoshiki would have resurrected and would have completely take over Boruto’s entire being.

So Momoshiki is currently stuck with Boruto maybe forever but still have the ability to take over Boruto’s mind for a short period of time. We also saw Kawaki with his new profound powers faced-off and disrespectful dealt with Code and almost finished him, before Code sneakingly dragged Daemon from Eida to save himself, using Daemon’s signature ability that instantly turns an opponent’s attack against them.

While the episode seemed rushed, a lot of what fans were expecting from the episode were covered.

There are no official details of Boruto anime resume date at the moment, while rumors circulating are saying that the series would resume in 2027 or 2028, these rumors may be entirely wrong or turn out to be true.

Hopefully, the anime resumes soon, it’s already far behind the manga at this point but its also important for the Mangakas to take a long break, because the job of Mangakas are quite tedious and time consuming. A long break is also required for the studio to be able to get her enough resources to produce high quality animations.

So personally , I don’t care if Boruto resumes today on in three years time, what I care about is a much more better storyline, animation quality, etc. So if waiting for a few years is what is required to attain that, then I’m willing to wait.

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